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“ I was able to walk away with a more positive mindset, action plan and measurable goals. I was able to recognize why I was so fearful to move forward with my career change, which has caused me to change my limiting thinking order to take the right steps in order to move forward without worries and less fear.”

“Kerry is an authentic and caring wellness coach. As a client, I can tell that she honestly cares about helping others achieve their goals. Kerry provides a safe. comfortable and laid back coaching environment that makes it easy to trust the coaching process.”

“I’m very grateful that I had to opportunity to work with Kerry, I’m surprised at how much I learned about myself is such a short span of time- Kerry did a wonderful job of helping me uncover the root issues around the topic of food and fear itself.”

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A holistic psychotherapist and facilitator. I work closely with my clients to guide them through the ups and downs of the human experience. Together, we work to uncover patterns, grow and heal. We create an intimate and collaborative relationship with a shared commitment of creating deep, meaningful and sustainable change. 

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