You deserve dedicated time and space devoted to your growth


Can you relate? 

  • You’re navigating a major life transition such as a job shift, relationship change or relocation.

  • You notice self defeating beliefs taking the driver's seat and you crave increased feelings of self worth and confidence instead of guilt and shame. 

  • Setting boundaries feels hard and you want to heal generational trauma.

  • You've begun your spiritual growth journey and desire guidance to deepen your awareness and understanding.

  • You want to find peace with your body and heal your relationship with food. 

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." -Carl Jung

I facilitate interactive and curated workshops for your organization designed to enhance connection, ease and inspiration.

Together we focus on:


Corporate Wellness

Utilizing a holistic approach to create and sustain work life harmony.

Learning powerful solution focused communication techniques rooted in empathy, respect and assertiveness.

Curating a personalized blueprint to optimize your time and gifts.

Navigating imposter syndrome.

Moving from a state of force to a state of flow.

Optimizing your mind body connection to grind less without sacrificing productivity. 

Adapting to change and navigating uncertainty. 


Kerry's workshop was excellent. She created such an inviting, welcoming space for women to learn how to integrate Authenticity into the Holiday Season. We learned about the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Foundations, sustainable stress management, and the concept of alchemizing one's own pain points.


Erin, Health and Wellness Committee lead for Microsoft

We come together to grow, learn and have fun.



  • seeking expansion, personal growth, fun and connection.

  • feeling interested in identifying blindspots and deepening their connection with self.

  • navigating a major life transition and wanting to feel supported while experiencing trust and ease.

  • focusing on healing their relationship with food and body image.

  • craving to break free from painful patterns.

  • desiring to connect with like minded individuals, have meaningful conversations and an increased sense of community.

Authentically well workshop series is for those who are:

Loving yourself through the darkness: Shadow Work

Identify your blindspots with love and compassion. We all have parts of ourselves that we haven’t accepted; when we move these parts out of our shadow and into the light we begin to embrace our wholeness. 

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Body Wisdom

Learn how to take a holistic approach to food and body by prioritizing and listening to your intuition. Develop simple practices to incorporate intuitive eating and living into your world. 

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Feminine Healing: Connect to your desire and own your pleasure

Explore the unexplored and safely welcome tangible ways to experience more joy and pleasure in your life through connecting to your desires.

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Drama Triangle: Spot and stop codependent patterns

Create a deeper understanding of the nuanced ways codependency affects your life and learn tools to create patterns rooted in love and personal responsibility. 

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Healing your Inner Critic

Approach your inner critic with curiosity and explore ways to liberate yourself from the negative voice within. 

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Hope Meetups 

Bimonthly donation based virtual meetups where we chat, meditate, journal, introspect and connect. 

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Individual Psychotherapy 

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I work with highly motivated individuals to create lasting change and a life fueled by authenticity, desire and expansion.

Together we take a deep dive into your world, we create a treatment plan that is designed to facilitate real change.

The therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance in our work together. I create a safe space for you to create an understanding of your inner world, shed layers of what you no longer need, connect to your authenticity and experience a pleasurable life.

When we work together, our relationship is collaborative and interactive, your goals and desires are at the heart of what we do.