Kerry Higgins

My mission is to help my clients towards overcoming patterns of overthinking, people pleasing, self deprecation and sabotage in order to experience increased feelings of confidence, self compassion and connection to themselves and the ones they love. I'm passionate about supporting my clients as they reprocess and heal childhood trauma, create a loving relationship with Self and experience feelings of safety and trust within. 

Through my own therapeutic work as a client I developed a deep appreciation for psychotherapy and a desire to support people in restoring a positive sense of self and cultivating joy.  I founded my practice to create a space for people to heal, grow and have fun in the process. 

When we work together my approach is solution focused and individualized.  My clients have said they leave our session feeling seen, hopeful and equipped to overcome challenges. 

Throughout my career I have worked in various settings including partial hospitalization, outpatient programs, residential treatment centers and private practice treating individuals navigating addiction recovery, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, life transitions, relationship issues, habit and addiction issues. 

I am a psychotherapist based in NY serving clients in NY, PA and CT.

Finding the "right" therapist is all about finding the best fit for you. A strong therapeutic alliance between therapist and client facilities safety, confidence and healing. I don't believe in a hierarchal relationship, when we work together I am both a psychotherapist and a human. You might be coming to therapy to address a pressing issue, past trauma or to maintain progress made in previous treatment. Many of my clients lead full lives, have high standards and desire to tend to their own needs while maintaining a sense of balance. I aim to help you create positive shifts that feel long lasting. 

What is Authentically Well?

Each person's authentic self emerges through the process of individuation and self realization. When we heal our wounds and traumas we have the mobility to access who we truly are.  We're able to experience enhanced love, freedom and reach our goals. Authentically Well aims to empower each person with a modern therapeutic approach that is integrated and focused on supporting individuals in accessing their inherent warmth and love in order to feel expanded and free as they navigate challenges and live a life that feels true to their unique essence. 

Master of Social Work, New York University. 

Certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Certified team-cognitive behavioral therapist- Level 2, Feeling Good Institute. 

The Gottman Institute, Level 1 trained. 

EMDR Basic Training 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Reiki Level 2, Maha Rose Center for Healing

*Licensed in NY, PA and CT offering virtual and in person sessions*

Education & Certifications

My aim is to support and guide as you break free from anything standing in between you and yourself

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Individual Psychotherapy 


Corporate Wellness 

I work with highly motivated individuals to heal inner wounds, activate emotional freedom and create a beautiful life.

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