3 Key Elements of Food Freedom


November 1, 2021

Spread of food

Food freedom is the shedding of rules and morality assigned to food and body.  When we apply food freedom to our lives we release a false power that we once assigned to food through letting go of maladaptive behaviors and ways of thinking about food.

Food freedom creates space to pour energy into our passions, relationships and evolve into who we truly are.

The more we deny a craving on our plates or in life, the more we want it, fixate and yearn for it.

Quick, don’t think of a white polar bear. What happened? Did an image of a white polar came dancing into your head. Now, what if I told you to think about that white polar bear whenever you wanted as much as you wanted? You’d most likely feel less fixated or preoccupied with the image of a white polar bear, the image would become less enticing.

The moment we make the choice to become aware and approve of our internal experience we create space to make clear choices rooted in love.

Three key elements of food freedom.

Nonjudgemental Awareness

Tuning into your experience, notice your thoughts, feelings and urges. The key is to simply notice and observe.

Mantra: I notice and observe my thoughts without judgement.


Once you feel aware of you experience, practice offering yourself approval by removing labels of right or wrong.

Mantra: I approve of my cravings, needs and wants.

Permission & Pleasure 

Make a choice to enjoy all food and satisfy your cravings. If you decide to have that treat or food you once identified as off limits or unsafe but beat yourself up during the experience you’re left with guilt or shame instead of the satisfaction of your experience.  This is a practice and takes courage! Become curious with your emotions and practice compassion each time you challenge yourself.

Giving yourself full permission allows you to become satiated, enjoying your food, feeling fulfilled and less likely to use food to numb or control your experience.

Mantra: I grant myself full permission to have what I want, even if it doesn’t make sense to me.

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