3 Key Elements of Food Freedom


November 1, 2021

Well well well, there is a chill in the air, chunky sweaters are in order and my body is craving warm gooey bread, grounding food and a toasty lil muffin with my coffee. The air smells like an invitation to find comfort, the body feels ready to be cozied and a nap sounds real good right now. Yeah, life’s simple pleasures are the best.

We are leaving a season of crisp salads, smoothies and iced drinks, not to say you can’t have those… rather if you’re tuning into your body and in an area where the temperature is dropping your body is most likely craving warm and grounding foods in order to create balance as the seasons change. This is no mistake, your body is wise- asking you to seasonally nourish yourself.

Self disclosure, I went through a period of time where I had deemed carbohydrates as the devil, the food group that would sabotage it all and mess up what happened before or what was to come. God, how suffocating that was- to feel like a prisoner of my own body. I would deny the craving because I had convinced myself logically that my body would suffer.

Cravings are not logical, they are intuitive and the body is bursting with wisdom. Our bodies need carbs, women need carbs! My body knew it and my mind was resisting.

You see, the more you deny a craving on your plate or in life, the more you want it, fixate and feel the loss of it.

Quick, don’t think of a white polar bear! I would bet money an image of a cutie white polar came dancing into your head. Now, what if I told you to think about that white polar bear whenever you wanted as much as you wanted? You’d most likely feel less fixated or preoccupied with the image of a white polar bear.

The game changer? Allowing and approving. The moment I make the choice to give myself approval I end the war on food and my body. It’s an act of self love, an act of loving surrender. Each time I order a muffin with my coffee, I smile to myself, feeling a sense of warmth and love wash over me. You might be reading this thinking, lady it’s just a freaking muffin. To you I say, yes if only it were ever about the muffin.

These small and powerful choices present themselves to us daily and the energetics of navigating life through the lens of love instead of fear is a practice creating an insanely positive impact.

Food freedom is the shedding of rules, intellectualizing food, cravings and the knowing that you are inherently worthy regardless of what you did or did not eat in a given day.

It creates space in your mind and body to give energy to your passions, relationships and evolve more deeply into who you truly are.

Food Freedom is not a perfect destination or outcome it is the end of a war on yourself, your body and your choices, it’s an avenue to get right with yourself and closer to your authenticity. If the message of food freedom doesn’t apply to you, I challenge you to interchange food freedom for personal freedom as you read this blog and think of something you often feel at odds with.

Three key elements of food freedom.


Tuning into your experience, asking yourself what do I want, need or crave? The key is to simply notice and observe. This is the practice of mindfulness.

Mantra: I notice and observe my thoughts without judgement.


Awareness without judgement is approval, can you approve of whatever it is you notice about your experience and craving? Remember, the more your reject it the more likely you are to fixate on it.

Mantra: I approve of my cravings, needs and wants without judgement.


This is conscious allowance, a self given green light. If you decide to have that thing you have deemed as wrong or off limits but you are shaming yourself the whole time, you’re left with guilt instead of the satisfaction of your experience!

Giving yourself permission allows you to become satiated therefore feeling fulfilled and less likely to sabotage yourself.

Mantra: I grant myself full permission to have what I want when I want, even if it doesn’t make logical sense.

The same energetics apply on and off our place. We have physical, emotional and soul cravings that call us to fine tune and give attention to the most important relationship of all. You know, the one with you.

As disclaimer this is my take on food freedom and if you have a definition that tickles your fancy more, please subscribe to that, take what you like and leave the rest<3.

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