Authenticity and Food


March 5, 2021

Eating Disorder Awareness week ended on March 3rd. We can scroll along each day and find what someone eats in a day and an array of messages about how we should eat, move and feel.

“Shoulding” ourselves drives us further away from our authenticity. Fun fact- should statements are a cognitive distortion in the world of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Everyone’s relationship with food and body image in personal and unique, there is a difference between eating disorders and disordered eating. When someone is struggling with an eating disorder the body suffers and a person’s sense of self worth becomes contingent on their eating disorder. Eating disorders are psychological and emotional. When someone struggles with disordered eating there might be a lot of “yo yo” dieting and all or nothing mentality around food.

Food for thought

A few things to normalize

  • It’s okay to have aesthetic goals

    Be honest with yourself, is it for you? or the approval of someone or something. Is the goal to look and feel strong? Or fit a societal construct.

  • Complimenting others for their strength, mind and spirit

    “I love how creative you are.”

    “I’m so glad to be with you, you’re such an amazing friend”

    “ I love your sense of style.”

  • Conversational boundaries around dieting

    Change the topic from the latest diet trend to a new hobby or goal you’re working toward

  • Eating emotionally

    Yes, we eat when we are happy, sad and sometimes bored. The key that differentiates this mindful or sabotaging is awareness, allow yourself to be aware of your intention, is it to numb out from an emotion? or are you enjoying that piece of cake with a friend and enjoying yourself?

  • It’s okay not to feel body positive all the time

    Body image is a personal journey, what about body neutrality if you are not feeling body positive? This looks like remaining objective- “my body allows me to move from my bed to work”

Raise your awareness with these practices

  • HALT – a mindful check in you can use anywhere at any time.

    When you find yourself inching towards mindless eating check in with yourself by asking am I….

    Hungry, Angry Lonely or Tired?

    • Honor the answer!

  • Curate your timelines

    Unfollow accounts that don’t promote how you’d like to feel.

    Follow accounts that foster feelings of self worth, enjoyment.

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