2020 Book List


December 31, 2020

Homecoming by John Bradshaw

This book is money! (clinical terminology I know). Whether you are a therapist, healer, coach or human trying to do better this book is a must read! The book offers directional exercises at the end of each chapter and takes a deep dive into everything from guilt, shame and the experience of adult children. The book offers a pathway to healing and asks readers to heal their inner child chapter by chapter. Regardless of your profession, if you are a human forging through reparenting, codependency or processing childhood trauma this book is for you. It is healing, warming and so directional. This is a great book to read and process with a loved one, therapist or guide in a healing container.

F*ck like a Goddess by Alexandra Roxo

Don’t let the caption fool you, this book is not about becoming a porn star. This book emphasizes seizing life, finding pleasure, embracing the feminine and living each day fully. Alexandra is an amazing story teller and at the end of each chapter you’ll find prompts prompts and exercises to reinforce the healing ideologies discussed throughout the book. I personally love this book, for many of us “good girls” we often get caught in the trap feeling of being “too much” or “not enough.” When you read this book you can break it down, feel it all, and find practices to confront the sh*t that feels hard.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Oh I loved this book, a wonderful coach I was working with at the time recommended the read she literally knew it was what I needed- and I immediately bought it for two other women in my life. Through her memoir Glennon Doyle talks about all of the things we might suppress or don’t talk about- things like taking medication, leaving the “perfect” relationship and letting life get messy in the name of following your heart and remembering “ we can do hard things.” She is also hilarious.

Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

This book is a great place to create a foundation to live more spiritually. Framing the way we live through the agreements with have with ourselves. This book is a short ,powerful and easy read- offering direct ways to get out of your own way and transform the way you show up for yourself and others by shattering limiting beliefs.

The Wisdom of Anxiety by Cheryl Paul

This is a must read. My own anxiety guided me to discover this gem. The book beautifully helps us reframe how worry and intrusive thoughts are catalysts to healing and reinforces that having a sensitive heart is a super power, not a weakness. Cheryl Paul is true magic and has an amazing account on Instagram, she offers courses and sessions as well.


  1. Homecoming by John Bradshaw

2. F*ck like a Godess by Alexandra Roxo

3. Untamed by GlennonDoyle

4. Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

5. The Wisdom of Anxiety by Cheryl Paul by John Bradshaw


  • Find a friend read the book together and start you’re own book club

  • Read a book in tandem with your therapist

  • Keep a journal and track your thoughts, feelings and reactions to the book

  • Take what you love and leave the rest



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