How to Stay Committed to Your Goals on Vacation: 6 Ways to Find Balance


August 10, 2020

As we start to safely emerge from our respective cocoons this summer, distancing at the beach or maybe dining outside we begin to re-engage with the outside world within this new norm. Spending time away and having the opportunity to travel is an exciting privilege, however traveling can throw curve balls into routines and goals that we’ve already established; finding balance is the key to staying committed to yourself while making the most of your time away, yes we can have it all.

I’ve personally struggled with being either too rigid with my goals while on vacation or swaying completely to the other side and getting a good case of the “ screw-its” ignoring what feels good for me and overindulging.  The ol all or nothing trap.

For example, I have a gluten intolerance, struggle with candida therefore sugar and wheat are not always my friend but in moderation all systems are a go.  In the past I would ignore my needs “powering through” which is all well and good but how do we find the balance between indulging and living in the moment versus abandoning yourself?  Yes, abandoning yourself is rejecting your needs in the moment and cleaning up the mess later, a pattern I know all too well.  I love staying out late, ordering dessert and exploring, because why not? 

We’ve normalized needing a vacation after the vacation.  These tips are not instructions on how to hold back and not have fun rather how to remain connected to yourself and your goals making your time away that much more rejuvenating. 

A question for reflection:  Does this person place or thing fill me up or deplete me?

How do we find balance? 

1. Drink lemon water upon waking and going to sleep

This is a great little natural detox, giving your liver and digestive system extra love.

2. Bring your sneakers (or your summer feet) 

Find time to drop into your body, go for a walk, stretch when you wake up, or walk barefoot if your destination allows. 

3. Wake up a bit earlier than your group or travel companion 

Give yourself an extra half hour to journal morning pages, meditate, read or just enjoy silence. If you’re a highly sensitive person this practice might be especially impactful for you.

4. Bring a staple item that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone that you know you enjoy.

Make a recipe for the group that you know your body agrees with, providing a healthy option in between dining out and family style meals. 

5. Make mindfulness your best friend everywhere you go.

Use mindfulness during meal time with friends or your travel buddy, rather than focusing on the bread basket or your next bite, tap into your five senses, practice observing, noticing and expanding your awareness allowing yourself to soak in the whole experience. 

6. Spend your time with people that light you up.

Lastly, share your energy with people that hold value to you and you to them. Are you on a vacation that is technically considered fun “should“ be fun, but doesn’t feel true for you? Maybe, historically it’s something you loved but you’ve outgrown it?  Life is short, surround yourself with people that support your most authentic self and enjoy!


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