The Power of Gratitude


May 15, 2020

Practicing gratitude is subtle yet powerful.  This practice only takes a couple of minutes and when done consistently it creates a ripple effect throughout our life, seeping into our relationships, improving happiness, boosting self esteem and enhancing our sleep.  However, it is incredibly important to validate our areas of discomfort, pain and resistance.  In doing so, we are not dismissing our pain by simply “ focusing on the positive.”  This practice enhances our resilience to face our challenges and build self trust.  Practicing gratitude is a simple practice that forces us to slow down and step away from our busy lives to take a few minutes to focus on ourselves.    

Benefits of Practicing Gratitude Daily

Research supports the idea that practicing gratitude on a consistent basis allows gratitude to serve as a social emotion deepening our relationship with ourselves and others.  

  • Enhances meaningful relationships

  • Giving love and remaining grateful opens us up to receiving and noticing special moments. 

  • Improves self esteem

  • This practice asks us to go inward focusing on our positive qualities, blessings and attributes, reducing our habit of focusing on what others have, automatically lowering self esteem.

  • Enhances resilience

  • Shifting energy creates strength and increases our ability to navigate challenging situations. 

  • Improves quality of sleep

  • Practicing gratitude creates a peaceful mind, decreasing obsessive thinking and rumination, aka more restful sleep.

  • Helps eliminate toxic emotions and benefits overall mental health

  • When we compare to others we often feel jealousy, envy, hate or distrust, these emotions foster hopelessness and depression.  Grateful people experience decreased negative emotions and increased feelings of joy and happiness.

  • Decreases negative behaviors

With gratitude, comes an increase in positive emotions.  When we’re experiencing feelings of happiness, content, and joy we are less likely to act from a place of sadness or anger.   Thoughts create our emotions and our emotions influence our behaviors. Grateful people are less likely to act impulsively and utilize numbing behaviors like overeating and procrastinating.

Ways to to enhance your gratitude practice:

  • Keep a daily journal (sign up to receive my free gratitude journal prompts) 

  • Spontaneously tell someone how much you love them and why you appreciate them.

  • Utilize mindfulness to ground down, focusing on your five senses. Notice and observe. 

  • Notice opportunities for growth in your setbacks.

  • Avoid toxic conversations (i.e: gossip, shaming…ect.) 

  • Surround yourself with people you love, trust and admire. 

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